Cooling Your Wort and Fermentation

Yeast is a fragile thing. Maintaining just the right temperature can make all the difference in the world. It is important to be aware of the temperature of your wort before adding your brewing yeast to the pot. A basic cooking thermometer can help you determine if your wort is cool enough to safely add the yeast.
The following steps will help you to quickly and safely cool your Ginger wort in preparation of the fermentation process.

Step 1: Plug one side of your kitchen sink and fill the bowl up 1/3rd of the way with cold tap water.

Step 2: Add 16 cups or more of ice cubes to the water.

Step 3: Carefully place your pot of Ginger wort into the water making sure that the pot does not float.

Step 4: Stirring the wort will allow the brew to cool faster but it’s important not to splash any sink water into the mixture to avoid contamination.

Step 5: Continue to cool your brew until the temperature reaches 70-77° F (21-24° C).

Be sure your cooking thermometer was properly cleaned before placing it in your Ginger wort.