Fermenting Homemade Ginger Beer

Once you have run your optional initial ABV tests and cooled your Ginger wort to 70-77° F (21-24° C), remove 1 teaspoon of brewing yeast from the packet enclosed in your Ginger Beer kit and add it to the pot of cooled Ginger wort.

Seal the additional yeast completely and store the unused portion{s} in the refrigerator for use in additional batches of Ginger Beer down the road. Each packet of yeast will make up to 4 gallons of Ginger Beer. {CLICK HERE} to order additional packages of Ginger Beer ingredients.


Step 1: Gently mix the yeast in the Ginger wort pot.

Step 2: Using a funnel or siphon, transfer the Ginger wort from the brewing pot into your clean fermentation jug.

Step 3: Firmly press your clean airlock and rubber bung into the fermentation jug. Be sure that the bung is snug to create an air tight seal.

Step 4: Place your fermentation jug in a cool, dark location where it will go undisturbed for the duration of the fermentation process. On the floor of a closet or pantry works well.

Step 5: Ferment your Ginger Beer for 5-7 days for optimal flavor. The warmer the brew is kept, the faster your Ginger Beer will ferment.

What is the sludge at the bottom of my brew?

During the fermentation process, the dead yeast will collect at the base of your fermentation jug. This sludge is called Trub and it is natural part of the brewing process. Do not worry when the Trub begins to form as it means your yeast is working to make alcohol. The Racking Cane included in your Ginger Beer kit will help filter the Trub out during the bottling step.