Keeping your Brew Clean

Debris on equipment can harbor micro-organisms that could spoil your homemade ginger beer, even with proper sanitation.
Everything that comes into contact with your ginger beer wort after the boil must be sanitized to prevent risk of any unwanted things getting into your finished brew.
While you are waiting for the wort to boil, you can start cleaning all the brewing supplies you’ll need to get the job done right.

Step 1: Clean all of your supplies with soap and hot water.

Step 2: Add 1 tbsp of the No-Rinse Cleanser provided in your Ginger Beer Making Kit to the fermentation jug. If your spices did not arrive with brewing supply cleanser, any local home brew supply shop will be able to help you purchase a brewing cleanser that will work for this process.

Step 3: Fill the fermentation jug to the “one gallon label” with hot tap water and shake to dissolve the cleanser.

Step 4: Transfer the cleanser from your fermentation jug into a clean 5-1/2+ quart pot.

You may find that the cleanser will bubble as you agitate it inside the jug, be sure to let gravity help you to remove the bubbles inside and add more cleanser to help rinse the jug out if needed.

Use the cleanser to sanitize a mixing bowl for holding your brewing supplies after they have been cleaned thoroughly. Make sure to submerge each clean brewing tool in the cleanser solution for at least 1 minute.

After cleaning all your supplies, safely place them aside in the cleaned bowl and pour out the pot to remove the cleanser water. Let everything air dry, no towels. Do not rinse with tap water or you may introduce unwanted contaminates. The cleanser does not require any rinsing.

Be sure that your airlock is filled with cleanser to the line indicated on the plastic before discarding of the extra cleanser!